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BFI collectors edition DVD release
March 2010

Mimetrics Graphics and Cover of BFI Limited Edition DVD

March 22, 2010

BFI collectors edition DVD release
A standard and a limited DVD edition which comes with a 200 page book with stills of each piece of archive footage used in the film and a description of the content and provenance of each shot. The book also contains short articles by Geoff Andrews, Gareth Evans, William Gibson and Matt Hanson on Bodysong.

The book has some beautiful fold out Mimetrics Graphics, where a small part of each frame of the film is set in a grid in chronological order, creating a rythmic representation of the film.

Limited Edition available at:;s=dvd&qid=1268929562&sr=1-1

Standard Edition available at:;s=dvd&qid=1268929870&sr=1-5